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제9회 아시아운동학학술대회 젊은 연구자상 수상자
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작성일 : 2018년 11월 28일 20시 조회: 969

제 9회 아시아운동학학술대회(ACK 2018, 11.2~5)가 국립대만체육대학(National Taiwan Sport University)에서 개최되었습니다. 대회 중 40세 이하이며 영어로 발표한 발표자들은 5명의 심사위원들의 심의를 거친 결과, 아래와 같은 6명의 발표자가 수상자로 결정되어 옥정석 아시아운동학회 회장으로부터 YIA(젊은 연구자상)을 받았습니다.


Winners of YIA in ACK2018:


1. The relationship between the glenohumeral joint internal rotation deficit (GIRD) and trunk compensation movement in Taiwan high school baseball pitchers (National Taiwan Sport University, Ting-Yu Wan)

2. Intervention of Gene and Assisted Reproductive Technology: The Future and Possibility of Competitive Sports (National Chiao Tung University, Chia-Ting Sun)

3. Miss your putts? The key EEG index to achieve the superior performance in golf putting (Bielefeld University, Ming-Yang Cheng)

4. Building theoretical sound tools for Taiwan on a sample of cyclists: Measurement of SDT motivation scales of SMS-II and BREQ-3 (National Taiwan Sport University, Hsin-Hui Wang)

5. The Role of Upper Body Strength Characteristics on Vertical Jumping Performance (National Taiwan Sport University, Tsung-Tse Chiang)

6. The relationships between lower body dynamic strength  and repeat effort sprints ability on high school rugby players (National Taiwan Sport University, Bing-Xuan Wu)

다음글 :  운동사 자격 검정 시험 세부 명칭 변경
이전글 :  아시아 운동학 학술대회(ACK 2018) 성황리에 끝나
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